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Corporate Social Responsibility 2021

Updated: Jun 5

Project : YOU matter to US ! 💝

Some recent discrimination against healthcare workers reported in the media have been disturbing and we do wish to offer our encouragement and support for the healthcare workers.

In 2020, along with some 40 donors we prepared and distributed more than 10,000 bentos to 5 hospitals. We even had Minister K Shanmugam visited us in support for our "Meals for SG Healthcare Heroes" campaign, providing bento meals for SG Healthcare Heroes at SGH, NUH, TTSH & KTPH.

This year 2021, along with some individuals, friends we are planning a special treat for the frontline healthcare workers at TTSH in the coming weeks. Some 1,000s bentos will be prepared at cost by Xi Yan Maxwell on Jun 2, 9, 16 for the healthcare workers to encourage and cheer them on!

If you wish to find out more about this private project, please contact Thomas Choong at +65-8228-1188 or any of the contributors.

To healthcare workers at TTSH: YOU matter to US ! 💛

To all our healthcare workers in TTSH. You are truly our front liners in this war against the COVID-19 pandemic. It is battle after battle, fighting to save many whilst putting yourself at risk each day !

How long will this last we don’t know but we can only pray together for the best. Meanwhile our heartfelt thanks to you and all your fellow healthcare workers who are braving this pandemic, caring and saving others.

We hope you would enjoy this little token that expresses our gratitude, encouragement and support for you and all at TTSH.

From all of us (new contributors are added progressively) : Alvin Tan

Thomas Choong

Bruce Jiao

Shirley Crystal Chua

Joyce Ngan

Tan Yen Yen

Choong Yin Lee

Teo Ek Kee

Goh Li Ying

Tye Wai Mun

BL Seah

Kwok Jia Yuan

Winston Chan

Tan Kok Hiang


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